Review Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion 8-Ounce, We absolutely love this lotion.

A several days before. I search for information on the Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion 8-Ounce Bottle, so i have to tell.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion

Clinically tested non-irritating Angel Baby Lotion is a safe gentle and effective formula of 95.2 organic ingredients blended to moisturize and protect sensitive delicate baby skin. Formulated with extra care because Mama knows that most anything you put on your baby is absorbed through the bodyx2019s largest organ x2014 the skin The perfect lotion for baby 100 naturally preserved .... Read more or Check Price

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great smell. works well. pricy. but the love that his freedom of all the bad things for my kids . by Fvmeer

We love this lotion. We used the feet dry our baby his second day in this world and it worked wonderfully. His feet were tiny so they do not need more than one drop. by A. Rolak

Beautiful delicate lotion for children. I used this with both my littles smoothly. Leaves skin silky smooth with a light orange scent of vanilla. by Orphynanni

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